Day by Day you shall be receiving supply of finances..... and every other thing you so well desire.

God says is the God of all flesh nothing is too difficult for me.

Ezra‬ ‭6:8‬ ‭
The total cost is to be paid to these people, and without delay, from the royal revenue that is made.

“And whatever is needed—young bulls, rams, or sheep for entirely burned offerings to the God of heaven, wheat, salt, wine, or oil,
as requested —
👉🏿let that be given to them.


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I needed to know this so that my faith is awakened... Hallelujah.... Praise be to God. His favor, mercy and generosity endures forever.

Yes Day by Day I receive what the Lord has decreased. Lord thank you for the inspiration and Holy Spirit thank you for the Prophecy ďay by day hahaa hahahaha glory

Day by day I shall receive from God, thank you Holyspirit,day by day,heheheee,gloryyyy

Amen and Amen. I receive it in the name of Jesus

AMEN LORD GOD ALMIGHTY I receive that decree and promise in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

Day by day i receive my Miracle money in the name of Jesus

Haaaha mi God is faith on his word I will receive mi shares every day Amen

I recieve it now,Amen.


Amen and Amen Victory belongs to Jesus

J receive

Amen ..i recieve my blessing

Amen i recieve in jesus name

I receive and retain my miracle

Amen I receive it

I receive my financial elevation

Indeed AMEN

Amen Victory Belongs To Jesus

Amen Victory Belongs To Jesus


I receive from you Lord

AMEN... I receive the miracle

Hallelujah AMEN

I recieve money in J esus name Amen

Amen and I receive it

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Whatever project your working on,may the devil never stop it in Jesus Name.

Ezra 6:7 “Let the work of this house of God alone.
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Thank u holyspirit 4using pr.kayaja &entire team

Haaaha no weapon form against mi shall prosper.Amen





Hallelujah. Victory belongs to Jesus

Amen i jesus namn

Amen in Jesus name

Hallelujah. Amen. I receive it in the name of Jesus

Amen and Amen



Amen Amen




Amen and amen

Amen in Jesus name

amen in Jesus,s name

amen in Jesus,s name

I recieve




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The lord is creating a lineage of Prosperity in your family..... ... See MoreSee Less


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Amen,I receive and retain it in the might name of Jesus.

Amen..I claim it in the name of GOD

I receive that in Jesus name.

Amen I retain it n the might name of JESUS CHRIST

Amen, I receive it in Jesus Christ name

Oh Lord passby ma home this nite ad mold ma family ad mostly shape me I need u more than ever

Amen!i receive t in the name of Jesus Christ

Amen i receive it in the mighty name of jesus christ

I receive it in the name of Jesus christ

I receive it in Jesus' name

I Receive in Jesus name Amen

I receive it now in Jesus'name

Starting with me

Amen, I receive

I receive it in Jesu's name

I receive it in jesus name Amen

I receive it in Jesus's name

I receive it in Jesus mighty name,

mahesh! Amen


I receive in Jesus name. Amen

Amen I receive it in Jesus name

I receive that in Jesus name.Amen

Amen I recive

I take it in Jesu's name

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Not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of the living God.

All that you’ve been asking God for,
the HolySpirit is going to make it happen for you.....
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Emen I thank he made me pass through the battle of giving birth,he gave me a gift of a baby girl ,thank u Holy spirit

Amen and Amen. I receive it in the name of Jesus

Amen it has already in Jesus's name Amen Groly to God

I will then fulfil my pledges without struggling Amen

Amen l receive in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Ameeeen thanks sweet holy spirit ☝ ❤ 💪

I well come the holy spirit

Amen.. Thank you holy spirit..

Fill me Holy Spirit




Ameen,I receive it in Jesus name,

Amen i receive it in Jesus name



I take it in the mighty name of Jesus

Amen God A job

I receive it

Amen, I take it in Jesus's name

Amen!! God is good


Amen thanks holly spirit

Amen Amen

I receive mine now

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6 hours ago

Robert Kayanja Ministries

Day 43 of the 77 Days Of Glory [Phase 6]
Join us in prayer with Pastor Robert Kayanja as we seek the Holy Spirit in this Miraculous night.
Thank you for joining us live from Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral-Uganda
To support the Robert Kayanja Ministry: Send your love offering, to the Ministry by using our secure numbers 0776520015, ‭0755 372 932‬ and our other online Platform and
Share this live feed link to help us spread the gospel to the furthest places online. Share!!!
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I have received my city 🌃 I am gonna build a city 🌃 I have caught it and seal it in the blood of Jesus. I celebrate because of what the Lord has done. It is finished, done and dusted in Jesus's name

Colline Harriet Lucy Roy Flavia Imma p'ple get ready to hv the biggest house but u p'ple invite m one day Amen Amen Amen

My Story Is Going to Change... I know my Redeemer Lives...He will redeem me from this pit of Mud & Mire

Thank you Jesus for the annointing that breaks every york of poverty and removes every burden of debts in Jesus name thank you Jesus thank you Holy hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

Good job,at last u can now interprete for swahili speaking ppl,hopefully it is gonna be the same to kinyarwanda speaking ppl too.

May you dwell in us precious holy Spirit

Welcome Holy Spirit we love u dearly

You're our friend in the midst of the trouble precious Holy Spirit

Thnk u Lord for u've dn again🙌 thnk u HolySpirit for mk'g t hpn

Wama kona dance kasita we're dancing for Jesus and the Holy Spirit ani agamba kona dance 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

Good evening Holy Spirit you welcome in my life tonight dear

Holy Spirit come and fill my life to the overflow

My houses you promised Jesus they are coming. Grace of properties my children will possess properties by the Holy Ghost

Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place. You are the guest of honour. Without you we can do nothing

Holy Spirit your welcome in this place

Thx Holyspirit 4 da breath i have dear

By the spirit of the Lord am gonna get it

I will make sure I come on Wednesday thnx holyspirit

Yes come Holy Spirit cone and take control of my life my children my papers Iknow he is able

Thanks to da holy spirit Ave rcvd ma miracles

Holy spirit thanks for the opportunity to be here

Good evening sweet holy spirit and online church ☝ ❤

The power of the holy ghost and the cross

Holy spirit how are you .l need jude thadius ongenyi to my husband in life .I want him we stay together in the same house. We have twins Amen and amen

I'm going to shock this generation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Holy Spirit... Seka

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8 hours ago

Robert Kayanja Ministries

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Image attachment


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When righteous men if God sit together for a common goal many souls are forgiven in Jesus' name.Thank you my pastors. God bless you all.

My father my father Apostle T Vutabwashe and his humble, faithful son,the man of God Simon Musabayana

I will keep the good things God is gonna give me

Damnnnnnn...his really a great preacher🙌😘##VBTJ#

I tap into this anointing

I loved the service it was so wonderful.

We love Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe

May God bless u pastor,thank Jesus for giving u knowlege

Thanks for 2days preaching

my God this is ur glory 4 our pr .robert kayanja v b j.

We thank God bcoz we have u pastor kayanja en mummy Jessica

Am in love with this ministry

Apostle T . Vutabwashe can preach. Since Thursday night i feel everything restored

Thank you Holy spirit for today's service

Great job papa May God grant you many years

We love you Apostle Vitabwashe n Maama Vitabwashe


Please pastor pray for my health.

Love apostle vitabwashe


I loved the service....

Awesome God.


I welcome holy spirit in my house

Da service was marvelous

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10 hours ago

Robert Kayanja Ministries

Perth For Jesus
Perth4Jesus - Sunday 2017
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Many times we expected the demons to listen to us yet we don’t listen to the HolySpirit

Tell the HolySpirit to lead you,guide you in all your ways.

May dought and confusion be far from you....

What your carrying is a seed that the world needs follow what the HolySpirit is saying and you shall bare much more good fruits.

Where the HolySpirit is life is going to be good.
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Holy spirit, I open up my spiritual ears so as to listen to u. May u pliz speak onto me, be my guide in every step of life, siblings and family at large

Amen. HolySpirit of God guide me and lead all my ways that l may not move astray from God's will but always move in God's will alone all the days of my life in Jesus' Name Amen.

Holy Spirit, Pliz Speak to me, Guide me, come & Dwell. I extend my Love to U.... I beg u Love me back.... all my issues will be sorted

Holy Spirit I Welcome U In My Life Led Me In To Good Path Protect Me In My Life, I Need More Of U. I Love U Jesus With All My Heart Amen,

Holy spirit guide me and protect me in all my ways

Holy Spirit fill me and guide me in everything I do Amen

Guide me Holy spirit help me to know ur ways

Lord let the holy spirit lead me in everything.

I hv listen the holy spirit to lead me.thx father

Holy spirit lead me en guide me in all my ways Amen

Amen.wonderful Holyspirit guide me and lead me in your ways.Amen

May the Holy Spirit always guide our ways into righteousness in Jesus' name,amen.

Holy Spirit lead me through out my life

Holy spirit, come dwell n my my studies, life,family, and friends. I need u to speak to mi always n love mi mo

Holy spirit cause me to be still & know that Jesus is the Lord. Amen.

I should always listen to the Holy spirit

Holy spirit touch me and my family in Jesus name Amen

amen holy spirit come to me and guide me through

Holy spirit lead and guide me in everything

Holy spirit lead and Guide in my life and at my work ?

The HolySpirit is at work,He's alwayz with us we're not orphanz


Holy spirit I need exelence in academics

Amen,holy spirit welcome into my life,I give the key to you take over,fill me.Thank you father.

Holy spirit, i open up my ears and heart pliz come and take control

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Do you think being mocked is going to stop the working of the HolySpirit in you life? Of course not.

You shall be triumphant and out of hard places, you shall find devine breakthroughs in Jesus Name.

What the enemy meant for evil God is going to make it work out all for your good.......

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Amen n Amen 4 my family my job n the a Blind boy I have in the office who has been mocked,mistreated n chased away by the step mother n step brothers from Ntungamu dist n now in Tororo as a result of some body wanting 2 sacrifice him.God saved him n i believed he was with the Holy spirit

Ameeeeeeeeen.Jesus I believe. Hallelujah Holyspirit I give you praise

thank you holy spirit...AMEN

Amen i receive the sudden miracles! Thank you Holy Spirit!

Amen amen amen, holyspirit lead me in my journeys and guide me.

Amen God is going to make it work out for me

The almighty God is going to clear the road 4me in Jesus name...Amen

Amen itake the profesy in Jesus name

Amen,I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper

Amen thank u the only one Holllllllyyyyyy Spirrrrriiiiitttttt

Work it out O lord in the mighty name of Jesus 🙏

Amen I Receive Financial Breakthrough In Jesus Name Amen And Amen

In the Glorious Name of Jesus,Amen.

In Jesus' Name l take the sudden miracle the sudden breakthrough upon my life, my business and a testimony be manifest in the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen.

It is going to happen to me in Jesus's name Amen

Amen I receive break throughs in my life in Jesus name Amen

Amen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ the son of living great high God

Amen,Servant of the Most High God

i receive in the name of Jesus and the Holy Ghost and of the cross

I welcome the holy spirit I'm my life

Amen,thank you holy spirit

Welcome Holy spirit

Thank u holy spirit

Hallelujah Holy Spirit

Welcome Holy Spirit!

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Amen,I receive in Jesus maighty name

Received with faith by the help of the holy ghost

i receive in the mighty name of Jesus amen

Amen, Glory to the Almighty God.

Amen,I receive it in the name of Jesus

Amen Pastor i receive! Thank you Holy Spirit!

Amen,i recieve in the mighty name of Jesus

Amen! It is our year of flourishing

Amen I receive in Jesus name

Amen, God's upon us

Amen I receive it

thank u hollyspirit

i receive it in Jesus name

I take it in JESUS'S name



I receive in Jesus name

I take it....Amen

Yes amen

Amen thank you holy spirit

Amen in jesus l recieve

I received in Jesus's name

Amen in Jesus's Mighty name


Amen victory belongs to jesus name

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You shall flourish by the power and help of the HolySpirit leadership.... ... See MoreSee Less


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Holy Spirit may you live in me and never leave me. Am dying to receive you and asking you to stay with me forever. Amen

Amen,,holy spirit I adore u

Amen..holy spirit lead me.

Let the Holy Spirit stewardship be my priority in Jesus' name.

I receive the Holy Spirit power in my Life. Amen.

Yes i will holy spirit help me in evry area of life

Dear HolySpirit,help me know your voice

I receive my miracle of a scoraship that apostle prophesied about i receive it in jeses name amen thank u holy spirit

I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus

Amen I receive in mighty name of Jesus

Amen Holy spirit lead me

Holy spirit just sit inside my heart

Amen let the holy spirit lead me

precious holy ghost. i worship youuuuu....

Amen holy spirit am ready

Amen thank you Holy spirit 👏 👏 👏

Amen holy spirit we need u

Amen. Holy spirit

Amen pastor

I receive it in Jesus name

I will in the name of Jesus

Amen I receive

Holly spirit yo Awesome

Victory belongs to Jesus


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Join with the HolySpirit in all you desire to do. ... See MoreSee Less


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Amen I need you holy spirit dwell in me every day of my life

Ámen ineed u holy spirit to dwell in my life everday

Holy Spirit my desire is to be delivered and restored in Jesus mighty name Amen

I trust in the Holy spirit, hez able and capable

I'm a part and parcel of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome holy spirit in my life my soul says yes

Welcome HolySpirit have your way in my life. May Your Will be done.

Amen,welcome holy spirit.

Pastor am still desiring my graduation to happen on December 13'th in God's name Amen

Holy spirit , may u pliz breath on me .

Amen holy spirit i love you

Amen holy spirit i love you

Thanks Holy Spirit

Am here holy spirit





I do!! Amen Am blessed



Halleluyah Amen 🙏

Amen ad Amen



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